To join the Illinois Valley Blacksmith Association, download and complete the IVBA-Membership-Form and submit it with your $25 annual dues.

As an IVBA member, you can participate in IVBA Sponsored Classes, Workshops and Demonstrations offered throughout the year. You can attend and take part in the annual business meeting and be a part of the IVBA’s future. You will receive a bimonthly newsletter “The Tuyere” free with your membership. “The Tuyere” provides information about:

  • Past events
  • Planned events
  • Hints and How-to dos
  • Book & Video reports
  • IVBA officer and board member contact
  • Annual membership list

Blacksmithing Videos

IVBA now has the following videos available: Frank Turley New Salem Hammer-In (2003 Saturday session). This video shows many scroll ends, a hinge and a branding iron. Kirk Sullens UMRBA Conference 2003. Kirk Sullens January, 2004 at Scott and Tricia Springer Animal forms in sheet metal and tools for working sheet metal. IVBA 2004 Summer Conference with Bob Bergman. Sun Foundation, Begining class, and copper class tong class. UMRBC 2005 Brent Bailey. June event 2006 Lucian Avery. June event 2007 Gary Jameson, Steve Parker, Roger Lorance, Bill Kauffman. UMRBC 2007  Chris Winterstein. New Salem 2008 Lynda Metcalfe Elmer Roush. June event 2008 Alice James Japheth Howard. June event 2009 John Lovin, Augie Schmidt, Steve Parker, Clifton Ralph. UMRBC 2009 Zack Noble. New Salem 2010 Mark Aspery. Each title is available as a DVD. The price is $10.00 each plus a $4.00 S/H fee per order. An order form is available here.


From time to time special classes come along that charge a fee to attend. IVBA has generously provided scholarships to members to help out with a portion of the cost when needed. If you have been a lucky recipient of these funds, we’d like you to consider giving back to IVBA in these two ways: One, give a demonstration of what you’ve learned at that particular class and pass on the teaching tradition. Two, write an article about the class to submit in the Tuyere and or the web site. The art of blacksmithing is kept alive by those who care enough to pass it on.

Blacksmithing Resource Library

Library books are available for loan to members in good standing of IVBA and may be kept for up to 6 weeks.  See the full list and loan information. Gallery Listing

Members of the IVBA may submit two photos and contact information for a free listing on this page.   Submit your member listing using the Gallery Listing Form.